Kids Classes

Session 1 –  8 Weeks

Thursdays January 16 – March 12 ( no class Feb 13)

3:30-4:30 class for ages 6-10
4:45-4:45 class for ages 11-13

Session 2 –  8 Weeks

Thursdays March 19 – May 14 (no class April 9)

3:30-4:30 class for ages 6-10
4:45-4:45 class for ages 11-13

Kids develop physical and mental strength and flexibility through traditional yoga practice, including yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques.

To register your child, please call 404-673-0415 or email

Family Yoga at

Mar 15, April 19 & May 17

contact to register

Ages 6+

4:45 pm

Looking for a healthy, fun-filled way for kids to enjoy a non-competitive fitness activity that provides a stronger, more flexible body, greater focus, concentration, and a relaxation of mind and body?
The GROUNDED Yoga program provides meaningful, upbeat, and energetic classes that foster self-expression, positive body awareness, positive thinking, social skills and environmental awareness. This groundbreaking program is inspired by Hatha yoga.

Ages 3-6



Story Time yoga brings books to life. We build literacy skills and healthy bodies in this fun-filled action-packed program. Children laugh, play and learn to connect with their bodies, minds, and spirits. Unwind from your school day in a nourishing way. This after-school Story Time yoga class will encompass a balanced blend of story, yoga, mandalas, mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, and breathing. Yoga at a young age builds strength and flexibility, develops focus and concentration, and promotes a love for oneself inside and out!

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East Cobb Preschool


available upon request